Youth Programs



 Youth ladies Kickboxing Muay Thai: Monday & Wednesday @ 6pm (Instructed By L.P)

Open Youth Class Kickboxing Muay Thai Tuesday & Thursdays @ 6pm (Instructed By Smitty)

Small Class sizes of 10 Students or less


Coaches L.P and Smitty each have 15 years of Martial Arts experience 




 K.P.S. Fitness Classes

Kick, Punch and Stretch yourself into a happier and healthier you.

This program is designed to help you improve your fitness and maintain a healthy body.

In K.P.S. you will learn basic to advanced KickBoxing Techniques and a stretching regimen that will help keep you loose and relaxed after a tough workout.

Our K.P.S. Certified Kickboxing Instructor Megan Evans has 15 years of Kickboxing training as well as a vast knowledge of the body and muscular system from her 16 years of work as a R.M.T. and the business owner of Therapy Lounge. With a background in competitive figure skating, gymnastics and dance, as well as a passion for yoga, this program comes to you with the foremost knowledge in all things Kicking, Punching, and Stretching.

Horizon Martial Arts offers all of its potential members a free week of training for all our programs.

You can register for our K.P.S. class by calling us today at (416-694-1533) or email: info@horizonkempo.com 


Tuesday + Thursday 9:00am (Women's)

Saturday 10:00am (open)

Feel free to drop in and try it out.

Check out our memberships page for info on costs






Kickboxing Class Times

Mon, Weds at 9:00 am (Boot Camp)

Tues, Thurs 9am (Kick, Punch, Stretch) 

Sat at 10am (Kick, Punch, Stretch)

Mon, Weds at 7pm 

Mon, Weds 8-830pm (sparring class) 

Youth Programs

Mon, Weds at 615pm (ladies)

Tues, Thurs at 6pm (open)


See our memberships page for info on costs


Drop in and try out a free week of classes.



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are availible Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 8pm.


We also have an open Mat on on Sundays from 6-8pm.

Come try a Free week of classes.


$299.00 plus hst For a 3 Month Membership.


You can start anytime

Children's Karate Programs by Session (average 3 months)
3 month memberships

Kempo Karate full Membership $295.00
or 1 Day a week Membership $220.00

Lil Dragons full membership $250.00
or 1 Day a week $190.00

Family Members receive 25% off on full memberships

3 month Memberships for Adult Martial Arts Programs 

Kempo karate Full Membership $295.00
or 1 day a week $220

Kickboxing and KPS Full Membership $275.00
or 1 day a week $210
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Full Membership $299.00
or 1 Day a week $220


Sign up for the year and get
10% Off

Family members receive 25% off on all full memberships